leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and often more happy to be alive. There is a strong detox effect and healing takes place by balancing the body, mind and spirit. Indeed Reiki increases your Spiritual Awareness and helps you to remember who you really are and how you can improve your wellbeing by listening to your own inner guidance. You can also use Reiki to resolve blocks form a past life.


1 hour Reiki Treatment   £ 50

1 hour Reiki Regression  £ 65



clear your channel with Reiki Attunemnets so that you too can become a medium for Reiki energy and start to heal yourself ( Reiki I ) , heal others ( Reiki II ) and heal the Universe ( Reiki III ).

As your Reiki Master Constanze will instruct you in the traditional USUI REIKI teachings and assist you on your journey to lasting change.


Level   I                   £ 111

Level   II                  £ 222

Master Level III         £ 333

Shamanic Cleanse

extracts negative energy by combining the forces of nature with help  from shamanic spirit guides. During the session Constanze uses her shamanic drum and rattle, as well as crystals and various incense to remove intrusions whether from this life or past lives including the release of entities , sometimes referred to as Spirit release , which often induces Soul Retrieval leaving you feeling more complete and at peace.


One of her specialities is the clearing of the 3rd EYE in order to manifest your dreams and desires more easily. Constanze also clears spaces on special request and helps move on lost souls to the other side whenever appropriate.


All energy removed during the session will be sent back to the light for healing.


A Shamanic ‘deep cleanse’ allows for  more room for positive energy  and can be followed on by a Reiki treatment.



1 hour Shamanic healing  £ 75

Tarot Reading

can help when life is complicated and you are struggling to find a positive perspective or you don’t know which choices to make for the best.


In her  readings Constanze always focuses on the present with a view to the immediate outcome, which can confirm what is going on in your life and be an incentive to carry on the same way or change the approach in order to get a different outcome.

Tarot readings often bring about more clarity and peace of mind.

1 hour Tarot             £ 50

( also available via Skype )





In this gentle session Constanze connects  intuitively with your Angels and spirit Guides including your very own Guardian Angel and channels all the healing guidance messages you need to hear right now.



1 hour Guidance               £ 50



As a fully qualified counsellor Constanze has several years experience of working with clients facing common issues like Depression and Anxiety as well as more complex issues like Panic attacks, Agoraphobia, Suicidality, PTSD, Childhood Sexual Abuse and Bereavement.


Constanze has a large capacity for Empathy and is particularly focused on making each client feel safe and respected at all times.


Her kind and sensitive demeanor coupled with her strong sense of integrity ensures a great foundation to hold space for working through even the most upsetting and painful experiences.

Counselling is a process and is usually conducted via weekly sessions.


find out more at: 

Constanze Indigo Owl



Constanze Indigo Owl is one of the gifted Indigo

children and her main spirit animal is indeed an Owl.

Her personal mission is to reconnect people with their own inner guidance.


She has been helping people heal themselves with the use of Reiki and Shamanic extraction for over 15 years.


When channeling Constanze connects with several Spirit Guides for optimum support, including her client’s own Soul family.

Her readings are very accurate and aim to empower people by focusing on the present.


As a fully qualified counsellor Constanze has become very compassionate and empathic.

To contact Constanze with any questions or book an appointment please click here .

All appointments require a minimum £ 10 deposit and are subject to a 48 hour cancellation policy. Constanze will not be able to refund any deposits where insufficient notice was given.


However Constanze will always endeavour to find a mutually suitable time and cater to individual needs as much as possible.



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