Claire, London

Reiki Treatment

Before I received treatment, I wasn’t sure what to expect or how it works. I found the experience to be very relaxing, peaceful and refreshing, but also powerful for emotional healing. Constanze has a gift and I would highly recommend her practice.

Amelya, London

Reiki Treatment

Shamanic Treatmemt

I have had a variety of treatments with Constanze, which I highly recommend to anyone, as her energy is amazing! Every Tarot reading I have ever had with her has been spot on, and it didn't just give information, it gave practical help as to how you can move on from whatever situation you are stuck in.

I had a Shamanic cleanse with her, and it was such a relief to clear old energies that no longer served me, as well as accurate messages as to what was going on behind the scenes to help me move forward.

I have had Reiki treatments with several people before, but Constanze’s Reiki has a special magic feeling to it. This is because it relaxes you so much that you feel your intuition increase in the middle of the treatment, an experience everyone should have! I then went on to do the Reiki class with her. Constanze didn't just teach what Reiki is all about, but she made it more personal by giving her own stories as to how she found Reiki and how it improved her own life, thereby empowering us through her examples. And it was a great day full of guided meditations, attunements and more Reiki being given - again - highly recommended!


Ekaterina, London

Reiki I Class

I have attended the Reiki 1 course with Constanze. It was a deep, uplifting and spiritual experience. Constanze is a great teacher- calm, knowledgeable and experienced. I really enjoyed her session- which was a loving and caring introduction to the subject. 

        Shelley, London

           Tarot Reading

I had an amazing Tarot reading ... and would recommend Constanze for calmness, enthusiasm and for being welcoming. 

Leonora, London

  Reiki I, II Class 

I really enjoyed Reiki  1 and 2 training and attunements. It was a beautiful  and unique experience. Thank you very much for your guidance and healing energy.

Valentina, London

    Angel Guidance

During a very difficult period of my life , I asked Constanze for an Angel Guidance. I had just lost my baby and felt sheer despair. I needed some guidance and reassurance and Constanze gentle approach provided just that. I felt uplifted and hopeful. I definitely recommend her Angel Guidance readings.


Reiki Treatment

I attended a Reiki session with Constanze, and it was delightful! She was very calm and reassuring , and spent some time chatting with me afterwards – helping me to ground myself and come back into the hustle and bustle of the world. Constanze is competent and empathetic, I would definitely recommend her services.

Keith, London

Reiki Regression

Constanze’s healing and guidance played a vital role I my transition out of the military. My experiences in the Army has affected me profoundly , but through Constanze’s gentle approach I was able to let go of difficult emotions and quickly came to perceive my life in a much more healthy way. I am incredibly grateful to her for all her support that continues to this day.

Kristel, New Mum


Constanze worked with me during my terrible break-up back in 2015/16 and helped me considerably at a very low time in my life. Being a new mum & coming out of an abusive relationship, she helped me find my strength, I never thought I had.  Our 12 weeks together were like a breath of fresh air and she made me realise, just by opening up to her, that I could turn my life around and move on. Her warmth and compassion was unfaltering and I can’t thank her enough for helping me to give my son a better life full of positivity and hope.

Gemma, Artist

Shamanic Treatment, Tarot Reading

I have had the privilege of having work  done with Constanze over the past 10 years or so. She has done Tarot readings for me as well as Reiki treatments and Shamanic healing. I would particularly recommend Shamanic healing as a deeper cleansing. Constanze is very professional and friendly and will put you at ease. I would highly recommend her services.

Elaine , New Mum Counselling

Constanze helped me immensely during a low period in my life where I was very down and extremely critical of myself. With her support, understanding and kindness and wonderful skills as a Counsellor , she was able to help me regain my self -worth and give me the tools to manage my depression and specific learning difficulties. I can’t recommend her enough, she is genuinely one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and extremely skilled, professional and supportive.

Ali, London

Reiki 1 Class,

Tarot Reading,

 Reiki Treatment

I’ve had a Tarot reading  and it was so powerful. It was amazing how accurate and relevant the reading was ( particularly the cards relating to the current situation ) and it was good to know I was on the right path with regards to the future cards. I also had my first Reiki treatment with Constanze and I loved it so much that I decided to take part in her Reiki 1 class. This was a really lovely day, filled with positive energy and I learned a lot. I would really recommend her services and if you have any questions ( like I did before I came along ) she’s helpful and happy to answer.

Nina, New Mum


I found the counselling sessions helped me to open up, when I had no one else to turn to. Constanze was so supportive and realistic in finding ways to help me through a terrible birth experience. I found the sessions helped me to move forward when I thought I had no way out.