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Reiki Treatment

Reiki treatments traditionally last 1 hour and are ideally done with the person receiving the energy  healing lying down, fully clothed, with their eyes closed. On request the recipient can sit in a comfortable chair instead.

The Reiki practiotioner then tunes into the client and channels and transmits the Reiki healing energy by placing her hands on or in the aura of the person to be healed.

Most people find the treatment deeply relaxing and once they have reached that state they often begin to drift off into that floating space between being asleep and being awake.

The physical sensation is often warm and tingly and usually very pleasant as the Reiki begins to heal the body, mind, emotions and even spirit of the person, always going where it is needed first.

As the aim of Reiki is not only to heal unpleasant symptoms, but also underlying causes of discomfort, occasionally it may touch on old trauma that needs to be released and can temporarily feel a bit uncomfortable.

After a Reiki treatment it is important to come back round slowly, as if awakening in the morning and there may be a feeling of being a bit spaced out for a while.

Most people feel amazingly energised after Reiki and more happy to be alive, some people may feel emotional as there may have been a much needed release.

It is important to avoid caffeine and alcohol and increase water intake on the day of the treatment and up to 24 hours afterwards, as Reiki also has a physical detox effect.

Most people report being able to enjoy life more, sleep better and feel more connected to spirit and the divine spark in all living beings and nature.

Even one off treatments can have a life changing effect and for ongoing issues and pregnancy regular weekly or monthly sessions can be hugely supportive and beneficial.


         1 hour Reiki treatment      £ 50


5 x    1 hour Reiki treatment     £ 225

10x   1 hour Reiki treatment     £ 425

Please allow up to  75 mins for the appointment ,wear loose clothing and avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Reiki treatments are accompanied by relaxing music specifically composed for healing and incense.


If you have any reaction to smoke or incense or are pregnant, please mention at point of booking.

Constanze Indigo Owl has been fully attuned to Reiki at master level since 2006 and has successfully treated many, often complex, issues.

REI  means  'universal life giving'  and KI  means 'life force energy' , therefore Reiki means  'universal life force energy'  or loosely translated  'the unconditional love of the universe'.


Reiki is an ever present universal healing energy that most people channel naturally to some degree, which is why for most people it feels familiar even if they have never actually have received Reiki as part of a treatment.

On a spiritual level Reiki is seen as a door opener to higher realms, aiding with connection to our spirit guides and the universal source energy that unites us all.

There is a great potential to use Reiki alongside other therapies and amply each others effect, especailly massage, aromatherpy, crystal therapy, homeopathy, herbology, shamanism, reflexology and even counselling.